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The best solution to lock your aluminum decks.

All slats are not necessarily listed on our website, we invite you to contact us and send us a sample of your slat to define with you the recommended endlock.

Embout Plastique E50 Slats from 50 to 66mm

E50Alutec, Gimenez Ganga

Embout Plastique F50 Slats from 50 to 66mm

F50Expalum, Futurol, Soprofen

Embout Plastique H54 Slats from 50 to 66mm

H54Alulux, Alutec, Gimenez Ganga, Herol, La Viuda, Rollerstar

Embout Plastique K524 Slats from 50 to 66mm

K524Alulux, Aluprof, heroal, Soprofen

Embout Plastique E55 Slats from 50 to 66mm

E55Alulux, Alutec, Building, Crocci, Gimenez Ganga,Lakal, Luxe Perfil, Persianas Hernando, Sipar

Embout Plastique TGM Slats from 50 to 66mm

TGMAlulux, Alutec, Crocci, Gimenez Ganga,Heroal, Lakal, Luxe Perfil, Persianas Hernando, Sipar, Soprofen

Embout Plastique 56L Slats from 50 to 66mm

56LAlulux, Alutec, Building, DOOHRAN, Herola, Lakal, Soprofen

Embout Plastique 66F Slats from 50 to 66mm

66FAlulux, Aluprof, Alutec, Crocci, Gimenez Ganga, Herola, La Viuda, Luxe PErfil, Sipar, Soprofen

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